Acrostic poem 2

H is for Humorous, entertaining with wit
E is for Enthusiastic, providing great encouragement
N is for Neat, carefully organized
R is for Ravishing, an entrancing beauty
I is for Inspirational, motivating people for the better
E is for Engaging, a fetching smile
T is for Tasteful, odes of style
T is for Truth, living life with honesty
A is for Addictive, one can’t get enough of you

Acrostic poem 1

H is for Heady, intoxicating company
E is for Enchanting, most alluring
N is for Neat, carefully organized
R is for Reasonable, ever sensible
I is for Independent, an original thinker
E is for Elegant, so graceful
T is for Tolerant, endless patience
T is for Tantalizing, thrilling the senses
A is for Alluring, so attractive