WatchMojo lists top 10 most underrated video games of all time — My Nintendo News

It is not uncommon for various media outlets to release some lists that reveal their most favorite or least favorite gaming-related things. However, every once in a while, there is a list that appears that relates to the world of Nintendo. Sometimes, the media outlet isn’t even a gaming one. For example, WatchMojo released a… Read…

WatchMojo lists top 10 most underrated video games of all time — My Nintendo News

The Man on the Bicycle Rack

The man sat on the bicycle rack, waiting. He knew that she would come. She always came. She was his reason for living. Without her, he was nothing.

He heard her footsteps before he saw her. She appeared around the corner, looking as beautiful as ever. She smiled at him, and his heart melted.

He got up from the rack and walked over to her. They embraced, and he felt like he was home.

“I’ve missed you,” she whispered.

“I’ve missed you too,” he replied.

They kissed, and time seemed to stand still. Nothing mattered except for the two of them. They were lost in each other, and nothing else mattered.

The Professor’s Nightmare

It was a dark and stormy night, and Professor Larry was all alone in his laboratory. The only sound was the howling of the wind and the occasional crack of lightning. Professor Larry was deep in thought, trying to solve a particularly difficult problem.

Suddenly, the door to the laboratory burst open and a figure appeared. Professor Larry recognised the figure as one of his students, who he knew to be a troublemaker. The student was holding a gun, and he pointed it at Professor Larry.

“I’m sorry, Professor Larry, but I can’t let you continue your work,” the student said. “Your research is a threat to the world and must be stopped.”

Professor Larry tried to reason with the student, but it was no use. The student pulled the trigger and shot Professor Larry. As he lay dying, Professor Larry last thought was of the work he would never get to finish.