Debra’s journey to save money by shopping clearance racks

Debra scanned the clearance rack, her eyes darting back and forth as she looked for anything that might be a good deal. She saw a shirt that was 60% off and grabbed it, then looked for a pair of pants that were also on clearance. She found a pair of jeans and held them up to her waist, checking to see if they would fit. They were a bit too big, but she decided to buy them anyway because they were such a good deal.

As she continued to scan the clearance rack, she noticed a dress that was 70% off. It was a beautiful dress, and she instantly fell in love with it. She knew she had to have it. She quickly grabbed it off the rack and headed to the checkout.

As she waited in line, she couldn’t help but to think about how much money she had just saved by shopping the clearance rack. She was so happy that she had found such great deals. She was sure that she would be back to shop the clearance rack again soon.

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