The Battle For The Tropical Forest

It was another hot day in the tropics. The sun was beating down mercilessly and the humidity was suffocating. But despite the sweltering conditions, the tropical forest was still a beautiful place. The vibrant flowers and the chirping birds created a scene of serenity and peace.

But this bucolic setting was about to be shattered. For somewhere deep in the forest, a creature was stirring. A creature that had been asleep for many years, but was now awake and ready to wreak havoc.

The creature was a giant crocodile, and it was hungry. It had been a long time since it had last eaten, and it was ready to feast.

The crocodile began to make its way through the forest, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Trees were uprooted, animals were killed, and everything in its path was destroyed.

The giant crocodile was heading towards the one place it knew there would be food: the village.

The villagers had no idea what was coming for them. They had never seen anything like this creature before.

They did not have time to run or hide. The crocodile was upon them in an instant.

The creature was finally destroyed after a long and hard battle. But even though it was gone, the damage it had caused was done. The tropical forest would never be the same again.

Angela Basset Has Just Made Marvel History — Annlyel Online

It’s very hard for actors to be taken seriously in blockbusters but Angela Bassett’s incredible portrayal of Queen Ramonda in Wakanda Forever was an exception. She has now become the first actor to be nominated for an Academy Award in a Marvel movie which is beyond exciting. The Black Panther franchise is still the template […]

Angela Basset Has Just Made Marvel History — Annlyel Online

How Music Can Help Your Writing — A Writer’s Path

Music is a source of creative inspiration for me. When I taught elementary music, I occasionally passed out drawing paper and crayons and had the students draw a scene suggested by music I played for them. Some authors make WIP-specific playlists that put them in the zone as they work on their projects. They even […]

How Music Can Help Your Writing — A Writer’s Path

The Unwelcome Visitor

Sally is in the hall heading toward the door at the end of the hallway. She is walking quickly and seemingly eager to get to where she is going. As she approaches the door, she begins to slow down and her steps become more hesitant. She reaches out to the door handle, but hesitates before turning it. She seems to be wrestling with some internal conflict, but eventually she turns the handle and opens the door.

The door opens to reveal a dark, dank basement.She looks around nervously, as if she’s afraid of what she might see. She takes a few steps down into the basement, but stops when she hears a noise behind her. She turns around to see the door slam shut. The only light in the basement comes from a small window high up on the wall. Sally is now trapped in the basement with whatever is making the noise.

Sally is terrified. She doesn’t know what is making the noise, but she knows she is trapped in the basement with it. She tries to open the door, but it won’t budge. She looks around for a way to escape, but the only way out is the small window high up on the wall. She decides to climb up to the window and take her chances with whatever is outside. She climbs up on a chair and starts to reach for the window, but she hears the noise again. She turns around to see a creature stalking towards her. She screams as it attacks her.