#Ragtag Daily Prompt-Fun

Sydney’s Summer Fun

Sydney always loved visiting her grandma’s house. It was always so warm and inviting, and grandma always had the best snacks. Sydney especially loved going in the summer, when she could swim in the pool and sit out in the sun. One summer day, Sydney was sitting on the edge of the pool, playing with her toes in the water. She looked up and saw a large, orange object hurtling towards her. She had just enough time to scream before it hit her in the face. It turned out to be a giant orange, and it had burst open on impact. Sydney was covered in orange juice and bits of pulp. She was sticky and wet, and she smelled like a citrus fruy. I couldn’t believe it. I refused to believe it. I refused to believe that they were gone. But it was true. They were gone, and I was all alone in the world.

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