Vegemite Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe —

Try this delicious and unique twist on traditional spaghetti bolognese with the addition of Vegemite for a rich and savory flavor. Quick and easy to prepare, this recipe is perfect for a family dinner or a weeknight meal. This flavour packed recipe is from the VEGEMITE Cookbook: Favourite recipes that TASTE LIKE AUSTRALIA and celebrates…

Vegemite Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe —

MLB The Show 23 coming to Switch March 28th — My Nintendo News

MLB The Show has had a yearly release since 2006. However, it’s a first-party franchise for Sony, so it isn’t surprising that the vast majority of the franchise’s installments have never released on a Nintendo console. That changed last year with the release of MLB The Show 22. Well, it seems that this will remain… Read…

MLB The Show 23 coming to Switch March 28th — My Nintendo News


The sun beats down mercilessly,
Unrelenting in its quest to sear.

The heat is like a physical force,
Battering down on us unmercifully.

We are surrounded by a hazy blur,
The world distorted by the glare.

We squint our eyes against the brightness,
Trying to make out the shapes around us.

Everything is bleached of color,
bathed in the harsh light of the sun.

The heat is unbearable,
The glare overwhelming.

We seek shelter from the sun,
Desperate for relief from the heat.

But there is nowhere to hide,
Nowhere to escape the glare.

Word Of The Day Challenge-Blinding

The Darkness Comes

The day started like any other. But as the hours wore on, something began to feel wrong. A sense of unease settled over the city, blanketing it in a thick, palpable feeling of dread.

By noon, the skies had darkened and a cold wind was howling through the streets. By nightfall, the power had gone out and the city was plunged into darkness.

And then the screaming started.

At first, it was just isolated cries, echoing through the empty streets. But soon it was a chorus of terror, coming from all around.

People were fleeing their homes, running in panic through the darkness. But there was nowhere to go. No safe haven from the madness that was unfolding all around.

And then the blinding began.

People ripped out their own eyes, tearing at them with their bare hands. The screams turned to wails of agony as the blind stumbled blindly through the darkness, colliding with walls and each other in their panic.

Some sought refuge in the darkness, hiding themselves away from the terror. But even in the darkness, they could still hear the screams. The screams of the blinded, the screams of the damned.