The Pressure Was Mounting

The pressure was mounting. The test was only a week away, and he still felt woefully unprepared. Every time he sat down to study, his mind would wander and he found it impossible to focus. He knew he needed to do something, but he just couldn’t seem to Motivate himself.

That’s when he remembered his friend’s advice: “Find your why.”

He thought about why he was studying for the test in the first place. It was because he wanted to be a lawyer, to help people and make a difference in the world. And with that, he finally found the motivation he needed. He sat down and studied with a new purpose and determination, and when the test came, he felt confident and ready.


How to bury a body and get away with it

He was demur about moving the body of a dead girl. He knew that it was wrong, and that he would be caught if he was caught. But he couldn’t just leave her there. He had to do something.

He wrapped her in a tarp and hauled her to the edge of the property. It was a long way, and he was sweating by the time he got there. He dug a hole and buried her.

It wasn’t perfect, but it was the best he could do.

Word Of The Day Challenge-Inscrutable

The Mysterious Man

There’s something about him that’s just inscrutable. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something that make him seem totally mysterious. It’s like he’s got this whole other life that he’s not sharing with anyone.

I first met him about a year ago, and we’ve been friends ever since. But even though I feel like I know him pretty well, there’s still that part of him that remains a total mystery. I don’t think he’s deliberately keeping things from me, but there’s just something about him that feels intensely private.

It’s not that I’m not curious about him, because I am. I just don’t want to push too hard and risk losing his friendship. Sometimes I feel like the only thing I know about him is what he doesn’t tell me. And that’s okay. I’m happy just being his friend and enjoying the mystery.

The Daily Spur-Shake

The Witch’s Curse

One day, a woman was walking down the street when she came across a man who was shaking uncontrollably. The woman asked the man what was wrong, and he told her that he had been cursed by a witch and was shaking himself to death. The woman didn’t believe the man and she decided to shake him herself. Sure enough, the man died within seconds.