#Ragtag Daily Prompt-Optimist

Learning the Ropes

Luke had just landed his first job out of college and he was feeling pretty good about it. He was an optimist by nature, so he was confident that things would work out well.

He started his new job and everything went well at first. He was learning a lot and enjoying the work. But then, things started to go wrong. One of his projects failed and he was blamed for it. His boss was angry with him and his colleagues started to treat him differently.

Luke started to feel like maybe this job wasn’t meant for him. He was feeling down and out, but he tried to remain positive. He told himself that things would get better.

And then, one day, they did. Luke’s project was a success and his boss praised him for it. His colleagues started to treat him with respect again. Things were finally going right for Luke.

He was reminded that even when things are tough, it’s important to stay positive. Things can always turn around.

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