A terrible day turns around

One day, a grouch named Joe was having a terrible day. Everything seemed to be going wrong and he was in a foul mood. He was muttering to himself and scowling at everyone he passed. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and went off to find a place to be alone.

He found a quiet spot in the park and sat down on a bench, still grumbling to himself. Suddenly, he noticed a small child walking towards him, smiling. The child held out a sandwich and said, “Here, Mr. Grouch. I made this for you.”

Joe was taken aback. He grumpily took the sandwich and mumbled a thank you. He took a bite and found that it was the best sandwich he’d ever had. The child sat down next to him and chattered away, telling him about her day.

As Joe listened, his grouchy mood began to dissipate. He found himself laughing and even smiling. The child had brightened his day and he was no longer a grouch.

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