The Daily Spur-Dozen

Bakery Heist

It was a typical day at the bakery. Dozens of customers came in and out, each one picking up their favorite treats. The workers were constantly busy, moving around the kitchen and serving the customers.

One of the customers, a young woman, came up to the counter and asked for a dozen cookies. The worker behind the counter smiled and began to fill a bag with cookies.

Suddenly, the door to the bakery burst open and a group of armed robbers stormed in. They demanded everyone hand over their valuables.

The employees and customers complied, handing over their wallets, jewelry, and phones. The robbers then made their way to the register and took all the money.

After they had finished, the robbers warned everyone not to move or they would be shot. Then, they made their escape.

The police arrived soon after, but by then the robbers were long gone. They canvassed the area and interviewed the witnesses, but no one could give a description of the culprits.

The bakery was closed for the rest of the day, and the employees and customers were left shaken by the ordeal.

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