The Girl and the Statue

The girl on the horse looked at the object that was behind her with a lantern in her hand. She was not sure what it was, but she knew she had to investigate. She rode her horse closer and dismounted. She approached the object cautiously, holding the lantern out in front of her.

When she got closer, she saw that the object was a statue. It was a statue of a woman, and she appeared to be in a state of distress. The girl wondered who the statue was and why she was in such a state. She reached out and touched the statue’s face.

As she did, she felt a strangely warm energy emanating from the statue. She felt herself being pulled into the statue’s world. She found herself in a dark forest, and she could hear the sound of screams in the distance. The girl knew she had to find the source of the screams and help whoever was in trouble.

She followed the sound of the screams until she came to a clearing. In the clearing was a group of people being attacked by a group of monsters. The girl fought the monsters off and saved the people.

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