#Ragtag Daily Prompt-Filter

A Lesson Learned for Jerry

It was always difficult for Jerry to filter his words. He would often say things without thinking, and they would come out wrong. His friends and family would give him a hard time about it, and he would get embarrassed.

One time, Jerry was at a party with his friends. They were all drinking and having a good time, when Jerry said something that he shouldn’t have. His friends started laughing at him, and he felt really embarrassed.

Jerry decided that he needed to work on filtering his words. He started paying more attention to what he was saying, and he tried to think before he spoke. It was tough for him, but he was determined to make a change.

Eventually, Jerry’s friends and family stopped making fun of him for his slips of the tongue. They were proud of him for making an effort to improve himself. Jerry was glad that he had made the effort to filter his words, because it had made his life a lot better.

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