#Ragtag Daily Prompt-Spellbound

The Girl Who Didn’t Believe in Magic

Harper had always been a skeptical person. She didn’t believe in magic or the supernatural. But when she met James, she started to question her own beliefs. James was mysterious and charming, and he seemed to have a magical touch. Harper found herself drawn to him, despite her better judgment.

One night, after a particularly heated argument, Harper stormed out of James’s apartment. She was angry and hurt, and she didn’t want to see him again. But as she walked away, she felt a strange tugging at her heart. It was like something was calling her back to James.

She tried to resist, but she couldn’t. Against her better judgment, she found herself walking back to his apartment. She knocked on the door, and when he answered, she fell into his arms.

It was then that she realized she was spellbound. James had put a spell on her, and she was under his control. She didn’t know how to break free, but she knew she had to try. Otherwise, she would be his slave forever.

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