A New Beginning

It was another day at school for John. He had just finished his last class and was getting ready to go home. As he was packing up his things, he noticed that one of his classmates, Sarah, was still in the room. She was sitting in the front row, staring at her phone.

John walked over to her and asked if she was okay. Sarah nodded, but didn’t say anything. John could tell that she was upset about something.

He asked her what was wrong, and Sarah finally spoke. “I’m just so sick of this place,” she said. “I feel like I’m never going to amount to anything.”

John could understand how she felt. He had been feeling the same way lately. “It’s tough,” he said. “But we just have to keep our focus and believe in ourselves. We can do anything we set our minds to.”

Sarah nodded. She appreciated John’s words of encouragement. It was just what she needed to hear.

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