Rufus The Trickster

Rufus was always a bit of a trickster. As a young bird, he loved playing jokes on his feathered friends. He would hide behind bushes and jump out to startle them. Or, he would perch on a branch, pretending to be a statue, until some poor unsuspecting bird would get too close and Rufus would give them a good scare.

But Rufus’ favorite game was to mislead his friends. He would tell them that he saw a monster in the forest, or that there was a huge pack of birds heading their way. His friends would get so scared and flustered, and Rufus would just sit back and laugh at their reaction.

One day, Rufus went too far. He told his friends that he saw a predator lurking in the bushes, just waiting to pounce on them. His friends were so scared that they flew away in a panic, leaving Rufus all alone.

Rufus felt bad about what he had done. He realized that his misleading game wasn’t so fun anymore when it resulted in his friends being scared and alone. He vowed to never play that game again, and he apologized to his friends.

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