The Cool of the Night

It was always hot in the summer, even at night. The only time it wasn’t hot was when it rained, which was often. When it rains, everyone goes outside to enjoy the cool air and the sound of the rain.

One summer night, it was raining and everyone was outside. Emma was sitting on her porch, enjoying the rain, when she saw a man walking down the street. He was wearing a suit and carrying an umbrella, but he didn’t seem to be in a hurry. Emma watched him as he walked past her house and turned the corner.

A few minutes later, she heard a knock on her door. It was the man in the suit. He introduced himself as John, a patient from the mental hospital down the street. He said he saw her sitting on her porch and wanted to talk to her.

Emma was a little uneasy, but she invited him to sit down. They talked for a while about the weather and other small talk. Then John started to talk about his life. He had been in the hospital for several years, ever since he had tried to kill himself.

Emma was a good listener and John felt better after talking to her.

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