The Bartender’s Night

The bartender was a gruff older man, with a beard that was graying at the edges. He had been tending bar for years, and he had seen all sorts of people come and go. He didn’t care much for small talk, but he was always happy to pour a drink for anyone who came into his bar.

One night, a young woman came into the bar and sat down at the counter. The bartender could tell that she was nervous, and he wondered what she was doing there all by herself. She ordered a drink, and the bartender poured it for her.

As she sipped her drink, the young woman began to open up to the bartender. She told him about her day, her job, her friends, and anything else that was on her mind. The bartender listened patiently, and he found himself liking this young woman.

Eventually, the young woman finished her drink and she got up to leave. The bartender asked her if she would like to come back again, and she said that she would.

The bartender was happy to have found a new friend, and he knew that he would see her again soon.

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