The Daily Spur-Assignment

The Assignment

The assignment was to write a story with the word “assignment” in it. It was a simple enough task, but for some reason, Joe just couldn’t get the word to fit into the story. He tried using it as the name of the protagonist, but that just didn’t seem to work. He tried making the word the subject of the story, but that just made it seem odd. In the end, after hours of struggling, he just gave up and handed in the blank page.

The professor was not happy. “This is unacceptable, Joe. I gave you a simple assignment and you couldn’t even do that. You’re lucky I’m giving you another chance.”

Joe was given another chance, and this time, he was determined to do the assignment properly. He brainstormed for a while, and finally came up with an idea. He wrote a story about a student who procrastinated on his assignment and then had to rush to finish it. In the end, the student learned his lesson and vowed to never procrastinate again.

The professor was pleased with the story, and Joe was glad that he finally managed to complete the assignment.

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