#GB5WW-Conquest War Pestilence Death Famine

The Conquest War

The Conquest War changed everything. It was a time of death and destruction, of pestilence and famine. Millions died, and the world was forever changed. The war was fought over the control of the world’s resources, and in the end, the victors emerged as the new rulers of the world. The war was brutal, and there was no mercy shown to the losing side. In the aftermath of the war, the world was a different place. The landscape was scarred, and the once-great civilizations lay in ruins. It would take years for the world to recover from the Conquest War, and the scars would remain forever.

2 thoughts on “#GB5WW-Conquest War Pestilence Death Famine

  1. Sounds foreboding Henrietta. This crazy world does seem to be headed for a showdown. East vs West again, especially if the Chinese begin supplying Russia with weapons.

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