John’s Day Off

Sleeping was the last thing that John wanted to do. It was his day off from work and he wanted to enjoy it. However, his wife Jane was exhausted from her night shift and needed some sleep. John reluctantly agreed to take a nap with her.

As they lay in bed, John couldn’t help but think about all the things he could be doing if he wasn’t sleeping. He could be watching TV, going for a walk, or even cleaning the house. But instead, he was lying in bed, next to his snoring wife.

Eventually, John started to drift off to sleep. He had been up for almost 24 hours and his body was telling him to rest. As he dozed off, he thought about all the things he wanted to do tomorrow. Maybe he could wake up early and go for a run before Jane woke up. Or maybe he could make her breakfast in bed.

Either way, John was happy to be sleeping next to his wife. Even though she snored, he loved her and enjoyed spending time with her.

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