Always an uphill battle

It was always an uphill battle with Karen and her parents. From the very beginning, they had argued about everything. It didn’t matter what it was, they could find a way to disagree.

Now, as Karen stood in front of them, arguing once again, she could see the same familiar looks on their faces. Her mother looked disappointed, while her father looked annoyed.

“You’re never going to understand,” Karen said, her voice rising in frustration. “It’s not like you even try!”

“We’re your parents, Karen,” her mother said calmly. “It’s our job to try and understand you.”

“Well, you’re not doing a very good job,” Karen shot back. “I don’t know why you can’t just accept me for who I am!”

With that, she turned and stormed out of the room, leaving her parents to continue their arguing in peace.

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