Mrs. Nguyen’s Trading Adventures

Mrs. Nguyen was a widow who ran a small trade business out of her home. She traded goods with her neighbors, and sometimes with people who lived in other villages. Her business was doing well, and she was able to support herself and her two children.

One day, a man from a nearby village came to Mrs. Nguyen’s home and offered to trade with her. He had some goods that she needed, and she had some that he needed. They made the trade, and both were happy with the results.

Later that day, Mrs. Nguyen’s daughter came home from school and saw the man’s goods. She was curious about them, and asked her mother if she could trade with him. Mrs. Nguyen agreed, and her daughter traded some of her own goods for some of the man’s.

The next day, when the man came back to Mrs. Nguyen’s home to trade again, he was very impressed with her daughter’s bargaining skills. He offered to trade with her exclusively, and Mrs. Nguyen agreed.

From then on, Mrs. Nguyen’s daughter became her business partner, and they continued to trade together for many years.

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