Fiona’s Autumn Adventure

It was a typical autumn day in Scotland and the leaves were falling gently from the trees. The sky was a deep blue and the air was crisp and cool. Fiona loved days like this, when she could just sit outside and enjoy the peace and quiet.

She was sitting on a sheet that she had spread out on the ground, and she was wrapped in a blanket to keep warm. She had a book in her lap and was slowly turning the pages, savouring every word. She loved getting lost in a good book, and today was the perfect day for it.

Suddenly, she heard a rustling in the bushes behind her. She sat up straight, alert and ready to run if necessary. However, she relaxed when she saw a small rabbit appear.

The rabbit hopped over to her and sat down, looking at her with its big, brown eyes. Fiona felt a sudden surge of affection for the creature and reached out to stroke its fur. It was so soft and silky.

She and the rabbit sat there together for a while, enjoying the peace and quiet of the autumn day.

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