#Ragtag Daily Prompt-Whiskers

The Old Tomcat’s Final Journey

The old tomcat lay in the sun, basking in the warmth. His whiskers stirred in the breeze, and his eyes closed in contentment. He was getting on in years, and his hunting days were behind him. Now, he was content to spend his days napping in the sun and watching the younger cats chase each other around.

Suddenly, he heard a commotion near the edge of the clearing. He lifted his head and saw a group of young cats circling something on the ground. Intrigued, he got up and hobbled over to see what was going on.

As he got closer, he could see that they were gathered around a small, brown-and-white rabbit. The poor thing was terrified, and its eyes were wide with fear. The old tomcat remembered the days when he would have pounced on such a creature without a second thought. But those days were gone, and he only watched now as the younger cats played with their prey.

After a few minutes, the rabbit managed to break free from the group and dashed off into the underbrush. The young cats watched it go with looks of disappointment, and then they began to disperse.

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