Sandy’s First Dog

Sandy always loved dogs, ever since she was a little girl. She would beg her parents for a puppy every Christmas and birthday, but they always said no. They told her she wasn’t responsible enough to take care of a dog and that they didn’t want the extra mess and responsibility in the house. Sandy never gave up hope though, and she promised herself that one day she would have a dog of her own.

Sandy’s wish finally came true when she turned 18 and moved out of her parents’ house. She was finally able to get her own dog, a little black lab puppy she named Max. From the moment she brought him home, Sandy and Max were inseparable. She took him for walks every day, played fetch with him in the park, and taught him tricks. Max quickly became Sandy’s best friend, and she was finally happy.

One day, Sandy came home from work to find that Max had gotten into the trash and made quite a mess. She was so angry with him, but she couldn’t stay mad for long because he just looked so cute and guilty. She forgave him and they went back to being best friends.

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