The Golfer

John was a fearless golfer, but his courage often bordered on stupidity. He had been playing golf for over

twenty years, and his confidence had grown with each stroke he took. He was a talented player, with an impressive record that it seemed nothing could tarnish.

One day, as he was out on the course, John noticed a young boy following him around. The boy had no equipment of his own, and no one seemed to be paying him any attention. John felt sorry for him, so he offered to let the boy caddy for him. The boy eagerly accepted, and soon became John’s constant companion on the course.

John and the boy quickly formed a bond, with the older man teaching the younger boy all about the game of golf. The boy was a quick learner, and John was impressed by his natural talent. Before long, they were playing together, with the boy taking on more and more of the responsibility for the game.

But as time went by, John began to notice that the boy was becoming more and more possessive. He would get angry when other people tried to talk to John, and he would sulk if he didn’t get his way. John became worried that the boy was becoming too overprotective, and that he was becoming too dependent on him.

One day, John decided to confront the boy about his behavior. “You need to understand,” John said. “I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, but I can’t let you control my life. Not for you.”

The boy was devastated, and he ran off, leaving John alone on the course. John felt terrible, but he knew that he had to do what was best for him, even if it meant hurting someone he cared about.

As the years passed, John continued to play golf, but he never forgot about the boy who had once been his caddy. He often wondered what had become of him, and whether he had ever found his place in the world. But he never saw him again, and he could only hope that the boy had found his own path to success.

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