A time for murder

Emily, Marcus, and Jake had been best friends since freshman year of college. They had grown close over their mutual dislike of their shared psychology professor, Dr. Johnson. He was a harsh grader and prone to belittling his students in front of the entire class.

So when they received the news that he had been murdered in his office one night, they each felt a sense of relief mixed in with a hint of guilt for their less-than-stellar feelings towards him.

As spring break of their senior year approached, the three decided to take one final road trip together before graduation. They rented a car and planned to drive down the coast, hitting all the hotspots along the way.

On the first night of their trip, they found themselves at a dingy bar in a small town. The drinks flowed freely, and soon they were laughing and reminiscing about their college years.

But as the night wore on, tensions began to rise. Emily started to pull away from the group, lost in thought. Marcus noticed and prodded her for an explanation.

Finally, Emily couldn’t hold back any longer. She had been hiding a secret since the day Dr. Johnson was murdered. She had been having an affair with him.

Marcus and Jake were shocked, but also slightly relieved that they were not the only ones with secrets about Dr. Johnson. Marcus revealed that he had stolen an expensive watch from the professor’s office while Jake confessed to tampering with his research results out of spite.

As the revelations piled up, the tension between the friends grew palpable. They knew that they had to confront their past actions and come clean about everything they had done.

The next day, they drove in silence as they made their way to their next destination. Finally, they pulled over at a scenic lookout point overlooking the ocean.

There, with the sun setting behind them, they each took turns confessing their sins to each other. Tears were shed, apologies were made, and finally a sense of closure settled over the trio.

They knew that they would never forget their dark past or the things they had done, but they could move forward knowing that they had faced their demons together.

As they got back into the car and continued down the coast, they felt a weight lifted off their shoulders. They had each other, and that was enough to face whatever the future held.

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