#Ragtag Daily Prompt-Snail

A snail’s journey to find shade

It was a hot day and Harold the snail was out looking for a cool place to hide. He had been out in the sun for too long and was getting dehydrated. Harold needed to find some shade and fast.

He saw a log up ahead and decided to make a dash for it. Harold was almost there when he heard a voice calling out to him.

“Hey, snail! Where do you think you’re going?”

It was his friend, Sammy the snail. Harold told Sammy about his search for shade and how he was getting dehydrated.

“Come with me,” Sammy said. “I know a place where we can cool off.”

Harold followed Sammy to a nearby tree. Sammy showed Harold a cool, dark spot underneath the tree’s roots.

“This is perfect!” Harold said. “Thank you so much, Sammy.”

“No problem,” Sammy said. “We snails have to stick together.”

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