The Retail Store Worker’s Strange Journey

The retail store worker walks through the door and immediately feels like something is off. They keep walking, even though they feel a sense of unease, until they come to a strange clearing. In the center of the clearing is a big tree with a door in it. The worker tries the handle, but it’s locked. They rattle it a bit, but it doesn’t budge. Just as the worker is about to give up and go back the way they came, the door swings open and they’re pulled into the tree.

They find themselves in a different world; one that is full of color and life. The worker explore the new world, amazed at everything they see. They eventually come across a group of people who tell them that they are in a different dimension; one that is full of magic. The worker is amazed and thrilled to be in this new place. They stay with the group of people, learning about the new world and all the magical creatures in it.

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