Jack’s Desperate Attempt to Become a Genius

The pressure was on. Every day, it seemed, there was a new article or study or book proclaiming the need for genius-level talent to succeed in today’s world. And yet, despite all the pressure, Jack just couldn’t seem to cultivate the talent needed to be a genius.

Jack had tried everything. He read all the books on how to be a genius, Jack took all the courses on increasing intelligence, he even tried drugs that were supposed to enhance cognitive ability. But nothing seemed to work.

The frustration and disappointment took their toll. Jack became depressed, anxious, and even began to doubt his own worth. Why couldn’t he be a genius? What was wrong with them?

But then one day, something clicked. Jack realized that he didn’t need to be a genius to succeed. He just needed to be himselve. And with that realization, Jack was finally able to start cultivating his own unique talent.

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