The Detective’s Dilemma

The investigation into the crime was going nowhere. There were too many witnesses and no one wanted to come forward with anything useful. The victim had been left lying in the street for hours before anyone had called for help. By the time the police arrived, the only thing left to do was cover the body with a sheet and wait for the coroner.

The detective in charge of the case, John Doe, was starting to feel the pressure. He had been working on this case for weeks with no leads. The only thing the witnesses had in common was that they all watched the crime take place and did nothing to help the victim.

Doe was starting to feel like he was never going to catch a break in this case. He was about to give up and go home for the night when he heard a faint scream coming from the other side of the city.

He knows that scream. It’s the same one he’s been hearing in his nightmares for the past week.

He takes off in his car, racing towards the sound. He knows he’s going to find the killer. And this time, he’s not going to let him get away.

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