The Daily Spur-Mud

The Girl Who Wanted to Play in the Mud

It had been raining for what felt like days on end, and the ground was finally starting to get muddy. Little rivers of water were running through the campsite, and everyone was doing their best to avoid them. The mud was definitely not something anyone wanted to get in.

But one little girl, who shall remain unnamed, was not content to just sit around and avoid the mud. She wanted to play in it. She wanted to feel it squish between her toes, and she wanted to make mud pies.

So, while everyone else stayed dry and mud-free, the little girl had the time of her life playing in the mud. She made mud pies, mud mountains, and even mud castles. She was covered from head to toe in mud, and she loved every minute of it.

Eventually, the rain stopped and the sun came out. Everyone else started to venture out of their tents and see the damage the rain had done. But the little girl was nowhere to be seen.

They finally found her, fast asleep in her muddy little castle. And she was covered in dried mud, from head to toe.

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