#Ragtag Daily Prompt-Chiton


The chiton was a beautiful creature, with a proud head and a graceful neck. It was said that the first chiton was created by the gods, and that they were the most perfect creatures in all the world. The chiton was the king of all animals, and all other creatures were beneath it.

The chiton was a noble creature, and it was said that it could understand the language of humans. It was also said that the chiton could grant wishes, and that it was a bringer of good luck. Many people believed that if they possessed a chiton, they would be blessed with good fortune.

The chiton was a sacred creature, and it was worshipped by many cultures. In some cultures, the chiton was seen as a symbol of power, and in others it was seen as a symbol of beauty. No matter what culture it was, the chiton was always revered.

The chiton was a rare creature, and it was said that there were only a handful of them in the world. They were said to live in hidden places, and only come out when they wanted to. Some people believed that the chiton was a myth, and that it didn’t really exist

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