Frankie Goes Too Fast

Frankie was always one for going fast. whether it was driving, talking, or working, she always tried to do things as quickly as possible. This often led to problems, like the time she accidentally cut her colleague’s finger off while slicing vegetables for lunch.

“Frankie, you’ve got to be more careful!” cried the colleague, as blood spurted from her finger.

Frankie was immediately contrite. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I’ll be more careful, I promise.”

But as the days went on, it became clear that Frankie wasn’t able to keep her promise. She was always rushing around, making mistakes and causing problems. Eventually, her colleague had had enough.

“Frankie, I can’t work with you anymore,” she said. “You’re just too careless.”

Frankie was devastated. She knew she needed to change her ways, but she didn’t know how. It was only then that she realized that her need for speed was actually a problem.

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