Daily Spur-Plastic

Alice in a World of Plastic

It was summertime and the novelty of no school had worn off on Alice as she quickly became bored. She thought of all the places she’s rather be, people she wished she was with, when she happened to click her heels three times. Suddenly she was inside her own head and on an amazing adventure. The first place she found herself was on a beach. The sun was shining and the waves were crashing and she was surrounded by plastic. All sorts of plastic.Bottles, straws, bags, toys. She started to pick it up and put it in a bin but there was so much and it wasn’t making a dent. She looked around for help but there was no one in sight. She heard a voice behind her say “Alice, wake up!” It was her mom. She was back in her room, sitting on her bed with all the plastic around her. She must have fallen asleep and started dreaming. But it didn’t feel like a dream. It felt real. Too real.

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