The receipt was crumpled and stuck to the bottom of his shoe. He tried to ignore it as he walked, but the sound of the paper crinkling with every step was incredibly annoying. He stopped and tried to peel it off, but it was no use. The receipt was firmly stuck.

He sighed and continued walking, resigned to the fact that he would have to carry the crumpled piece of paper with him until he could find a trash can. As he walked, he tried to imagine what could have happened to the receipt. Maybe someone had dropped it and it had somehow ended up on his shoe. Or maybe it had been blown there by the wind.

Either way, he was determined to get rid of the receipt as soon as possible. He didn’t want to be known as the guy who always had a crumpled piece of paper stuck to his shoe. Finally, he found a trash can and relieved himself of the receipt.

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