You’re Style Is Something To Admire

There’s no one quite like you
Your style is so unique
It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen

You always stand out in a crowd
No one can ever compare
Your style is one of a kind

It’s amazing how you always
Manage to looks so stylish
No matter what you wear

You always manages to stay ahead
Of the latest trends

Your style is something to admire
It’s something that I strive for

But no matter how hard I try
I’ll never be able to duplicate
Your impeccable style

The Daily Spur-Adoption

Eva’s Adoption Journey

Eva had always wanted to be a mother. She had always dreamed of having a big family of her own someday. But as she got older, she realized that her dream might never come true. She was single and didn’t have any prospects of getting married or having children anytime soon.

But then she heard about adoption. Eva started to research it and realized that it could be a way for her to have the family she always wanted. She decided to go through with it and started the adoption process.

Eva was matched with a little girl named Sarah. She was perfect. Eva couldn’t have been more thrilled and couldn’t wait to bring her home.

The day finally came and Eva met Sarah for the first time. She was a little apprehensive at first, but as soon as she saw Sarah, she knew it was meant to be. Eva adopted Sarah and they went home together.

Eva finally had the family she always wanted. And she was happier than she ever could have thought possible.

Book Review: Tales of Nightmares Edited by Loren Rhoads —

Reviewed by Emerian Rich Tales of Nightmares consists of a handful of horror tales, each wildly different from the other. Some modern, some period, they’ve got yokai, killers, werewolves, monsters, and haunted houses in here. Although not all the stories were my cup of tea, there is sure to be something you’ll enjoy in […]

Book Review: Tales of Nightmares Edited by Loren Rhoads —

Crispy Fried Chicken in Red Chilli Sauce — Delicious Addiction

Indo-Chinese dishes are all time favorite in our family. I prepare different types of chicken Indo-Chinese recipes and before I could manage to click photo, it is exhausted! Finally I managed to click photo and share the recipe. It is a little spicy recipe and you may serve this as a starter as well. It […]

Crispy Fried Chicken in Red Chilli Sauce — Delicious Addiction

Rain is water that falls from the sky. It is a source of fresh water that helps to replenish the earth’s water supply. It also helps to keep the environment clean and free of pollutants.

Here are five reasons why rain is beneficial for the environment.

  1. Rain Helps to Replenish the Earth’s Water Supply
  2. Rain Helps to Keep the Environment Clean
  3. Rain Helps to Reduce Air Pollution
  4. Rain Helps to Control Temperature
  5. Rain Helps to Maintain Ecosystems

5 Delicious Rainy Day Recipes to Warm You Up

  1. Hot chocolate. Warm up with a mug of rich hot chocolate. Top with whipped cream and marshmallows for an extra-indulgent treat.
  2. Soup. There’s nothing quite like a bowl of steaming hot soup on a cold, rainy day. Choose your favorite variety, or try something new.
  3. Grilled cheese sandwich. A grilled cheese sandwich is the perfect comfort food. Enjoy it with a cup of tomato soup for a hearty meal.
  4. Chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies are always a hit. Make a batch or two and enjoy them with a glass of cold milk.
  5. Pancakes. Start your day with a stack of pancakes. Top with syrup, berries, or whatever else you like.

10 Fun Activities to Do in the Rain

  1. Taking a walk in the rain is a great way to clear your head and get some fresh air.
  2. Playing in the rain is a great way to let loose and have some fun.
  3. Snuggling up with a good book and a cup of tea is the perfect way to relax on a rainy day.
  4. Getting out your umbrella and dancing in the rain is a great way to lift your spirits.
  5. Taking a drive in the rain can be a peaceful and calming experience.
  6. Remember to take care of your skin and hair by using products that will help protect them from the rain.
  7. Wearing rain boots and rain gear is a great way to stay dry and comfortable in the rain.
  8. Cooking up a storm in the kitchen is a great way to spend a rainy day.
  9. Binge-watching your favorite TV show or movie is the perfect way to escape the rain.
  10. Spending time with loved ones is always a great way to spend a rainy day.