Prompt Inspiration Sci-fi/Fantasy March 27

Write a scene in which your protagonist picks a fight s/he knows s/he will lose.

Sarah was always a passionate person. She was never afraid to stand up for what she believed in, even if it meant getting into a fight she knew she would lose.

Sarah was at a protest against the new proposed abortion laws. She was shouting and waving her sign, when a group of pro-life protesters showed up. Sarah and the other protesters tried to drown out their opponents with their chants, but it quickly became clear that the pro-lifers were not going to back down.

Sarah started to argue with one of the pro-lifers, and it quickly turned heated. The other woman was older and more experienced in debating, and Sarah soon found herself on the losing end. But she didn’t give up, even when she knew she was defeated. She kept fighting, until she was finally dragged away by her friends.

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