Prompt Inspiration Scifi/Fantasy March 28

Write a scene in which something in the world you’ve created that its inhabitants rarely notice causes utter panic when they do.

The sky was a deep, rich blue, spotted with fluffy white clouds. It was a beautiful day. However, something was off. The sun was too big. Too close. It was slowly getting bigger and bigger, until it was so big that it filled up the entire sky. The people on the ground were pelted with heat and light, and they started to panic. They had never seen anything like this before.

The sky was on fire. The sun was a giant ball of flames, and it was getting closer and closer. The heat was so intense that people started to drop like flies. Those who remained started to run, screaming, towards shelter. But there was nowhere to hide. The sun was everywhere, and it was coming for them.

The world was ending. That was the only thing that people could think as they looked up at the sky, their skin burning, their eyesight failing. And then, in an instant, it was over. The sun disappeared, and the sky was dark. The only thing remaining was a bright, white light.

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