The Daily Spur-Pavement

The Welcome

Once upon a time, there was a little town surrounded by forests and hills. The town had small houses, an old church, and a pavement that led to the town square. The pavement was old and cracked, but it was a symbol of hope and unity for the people in the town.

One day, a group of travelers arrived in the town. They were a peculiar lot, with strange clothes and accents. The people in the town welcomed them warmly and showed them around. But as they walked on the pavement, the travelers started to complain.

“This pavement is terrible,” one of them said. “It’s bumpy and uneven.”

“I can’t believe anyone walks on this,” another said. “It’s a hazard.”

The people in the town were offended. They had never thought about replacing the pavement before. It was a part of their heritage, after all. But the more the travelers complained, the more they started to see the cracks and the holes.

Eventually, the people in the town decided to replace the pavement. They raised funds and hired workers. It was a hard job, but they did it with great care and attention to detail.

When the new pavement was finished, it was a marvel. Smooth, shiny and flawless. The people in the town were proud of their achievement. But the travelers were gone, and no one knew if they ever came back to see the new pavement.

Years went by, and the town prospered. The pavement became a place for people to gather, to chat, and to sell their wares. It became the heart and soul of the town once again. And though the travelers were long gone, the memory of their criticism of the old pavement lingered, reminding the townsfolk to hold onto their heritage, even as they moved forward.

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