House Fire

It was always a relief to get under the covers at the end of a long day. No matter what had happened during the day, under the covers was a safe place. A place where nothing could hurt you. Maybe that’s why I liked sleeping so much. Because when I was asleep, I was safe. Nothing could touch me.

But that all changed the night my house caught on fire.

I was asleep in my bed when I was awakened by the sound of crackling flames. At first, I thought it was just a dream. But then I smelled the smoke and realized that my house was on fire.

I jumped out of bed and tried to find my way to the door, but the smoke was so thick that I couldn’t see. I started coughing and choking and I was about to give up when I saw a light under the door.

I crawled to the door and managed to get out of my room. The house was full of smoke and I could hear the flames roaring, but I managed to make it outside.

I was safe. I had made it out of the house. But my life would never be the same.

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