John’s lucky day

One day, John was walking through the park near his house when he spotted something shining in the grass. He bent down to pick it up and discovered it was a gold coin! He couldn’t believe his luck.

John continued to walk around the park, looking for more treasure. He found a few more coins, and even an old watch. He was having so much fun, he forgot to go home for lunch.

Later that afternoon, John went back to the spot where he found the first coin. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw that the ground was covered in gold! He had found a real treasure!

John was so excited, he ran all the way home to tell his family about his amazing discovery. They were all so happy for him and couldn’t wait to see the treasure for themselves.

The next day, John took his family back to the park to show them the spot where he found the gold. They were all amazed at how much there was. John was a hero!

He had found a real treasure and made everyone’s dreams come true.

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