What place in the world do you never want to visit?

Daily writing prompt
What place in the world do you never want to visit? Why?

There is no one place in the world that I never want to visit. I believe that there is something to be learned from everywhere and that even the most unpleasant places can teach us something about ourselves and the world around us. However, there are some places that I would rather avoid if possible. These are generally places that are associated with conflict, suffering, or natural disasters.

One place that I would never want to visit is Syria. The country has been devastated by years of civil war and there is little hope for a peaceful resolution in the near future. The suffering of the Syrian people is immense, and I cannot imagine what it would be like to see firsthand the destruction and violence that has wracked the country.

Another place I would never want to visit is North Korea. The regime there is one of the most oppressive in the world, and the vast majority of the population lives in abject poverty. I would be unwilling to visit a place where I would have to censor my words and actions for fear of punishment, and I would not want to support a government that I believe is responsible for so much human rights abuse.

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