The Unsung Heroes of the Hospital

It was 8:00 a.m. and the staff room was already abuzz with activity. Nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff were milling about, getting coffee and chatting. But there was one group of workers that was often overlooked: the janitors.

Even though they were considered essential, janitors were often undervalued. They worked long hours, often into the night, and rarely got any recognition. But they kept the hospital running smoothly and were always there when you needed them.

One janitor, Maria, was getting ready for her shift. She didn’t mind the long hours or the hard work. She was just happy to be able to help people.

“Hey, Maria,” one of the nurses said as she passed by. “Thanks for everything you do.”

Maria smiled and nodded. It may not have been much, but it meant a lot to her.

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