The Bus Ride Home

The bus was crowded and noisy, but she didn’t mind. She was happy to be going home. She was lost in thought, when she heard someone muttering next to her. It sounded like they were tormented by something.

She couldn’t help but overhear bits and pieces of their conversation. They were talking about a dead family member. It sounded like they regretted never having the chance to speak to them again.

The theme of the story quickly became clear to her. It was an adventure. Her character had bitten off more than she could chew. But she was determined to help the person next to her. She leaned over and asked if they wanted to talk about it.

At first, they were resistant. But she was persistent. She told them that she understood what they were going through. She had lost someone herself. Finally, they relented. And for the rest of the journey, she listened to their story.

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