The Daily Spur-Kneel

Punished For Failure

Kneeling before the king, the knight begged for forgiveness. “I have failed you, my lord,” he said. “I will accept whatever punishment you deem fit.”

The king regarded the knight for a moment, then nodded. “Very well,” he said. “You will kneel in the marketplace for three days, wearing nothing but a sign that reads ‘I am a traitor.'”

The knight agreed, and was led away to begin his humiliation. For three days he knelt in the marketplace, feeling the shame and humiliation of his actions. passersby jeered and laughed at him, but he bore it stoically.

Finally, the sentence was completed, and the knight was released. He met the king’s gaze once more, and bowed his head in respect. Then he turned and walked away, his head held high.

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