The Pastel Queen

Linda was in her element when she was surrounded by her pastel paintings. There was something about the muted colors that just spoke to her soul. She had always loved art, but it was only when she discovered pastels that she truly felt like she had found her medium.

She loved the way she could blend the colors together to create new shades, and the way the pigments seemed to just melt into the paper. Every time she picked up a pastel, she felt like she was embarking on a new adventure.

Tonight, she was feeling especially inspired and decided to try something new. She had been experimenting with abstracts lately, and she wanted to see if she could translate that style into a pastel painting.

She set up her easel and began to work, starting with a light blue background. From there, she began to add in swirls of yellow and green, making them as bold or as subtle as she wanted. It was definitely a departure from her usual style, but she was feeling good about it.

As she worked, she felt the stress of the day melting away. It was only when she was lost in her painting that she felt truly at peace.

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