Sarah and the Magic Forest

The woods were always a magical place for Sarah. She loved exploring them with her friends, and even by herself. There was something about the trees, the way they towered over her and the soft leaves that brushed her skin. They made her feel small, but also safe.

One day, Sarah walked deeper into the forest than she had ever gone before. She didn’t know why, but she felt drawn to a particular spot. As she got closer, she saw a light shining through the trees. It was so beautiful that she couldn’t help but go towards it.

As she got closer, she realised that the light was coming from a door in a tree. It was unlike anything she had ever seen before. She hesitated for a moment, but then she reached out and opened the door.

Inside was the most beautiful garden she had ever seen. The flowers were so bright and the air was filled with the most amazing scent. She felt like she had been transported to another world.

Sarah explored the garden for hours, and it felt like no time had passed at all. She eventually came to a pool of water in the centre of the garden. In the water, she saw her reflection.

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