The Daily Spur-Activate

Sarah’s Alarm Clock

After a long day of work, Sarah was looking forward to her weekend. She had big plans of sleeping in, relaxing, and maybe even doing some shopping. However, those plans were quickly thwarted when her alarm went off on Saturday morning. Groggily, she reached over to silence it, only to realize that it was her phone, not her alarm clock, that was making the noise. With a groan, she saw that she had a notification from her boss. Apparently there was some sort of emergency at work and she was needed to come in.

Sarah tried to argue, but her boss was adamant. So, with a heavy heart, she got dressed and headed into work. As she drove, she made a mental list of all the things she was going to do once she got home. She was going to take a long bath, watch her favorite movie, and most importantly, she was going to activate her new sleeping mask. It was going to be the best weekend ever, despite the early start.

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