The Snake in the Park

The sun was shining and the children were laughing as they played in the park. It was a perfect day to be outside. The park was a busy place, with children running and playing everywhere.

One little girl was chasing a butterfly, while another was swinging on the swing set. A group of boys were playing catch with a Frisbee. Everyone was having a great time.

Suddenly, a boy came running up to the group of boys playing catch. “I saw a snake!” he exclaimed. “It was huge!”

The other boys immediately stopped playing and ran over to see. Sure enough, there was a large snake sunning itself on a rock. It was a beautiful snake, with bright colors.

The boys were excited to see the snake and started to talk about what they should do. one boy wanted to catch it, while another wanted to leave it alone.

After a short discussion, they decided to leave the snake alone and went back to playing catch. It was a great day at the park and they had lots of fun.

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